User Interface

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User Interface

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After the start of  Robotino® Factory  You will see the pictured dialogue. The current view will be empty because there is no active connection to the master control station of the  Robotino® fleet.




A brief overview of the available buttons:



Button to open the connection dialogue. The colour symbolizes the current status.

(grey = disconnected, green = connected)


Button to open map management. This gives You an overview of all available maps and has the option of

setting a default map.


Button to start editing the current map. Here the map can be edited by removing obstacles or adding

"lock-out" zones manually to prevent the robots from driving into an otherwise free area.


Button to open the position and path editor. In this view, new positions can be placed on the map which

can be used as destinations for the robots. It also allows for paths to be created and managed.


Opens the settings for visualization options in the map.


Shows a list of all currently registered robotinos.


Shows a list of jobs.