Initial Operation

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Initial Operation

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The following prerequisites are assumed:

Robotino hardware is correctly set up and running.

A registered copy of Robotino Factory is active.

The PC and Robot are active in the same network.


Robotino should have the current Robotino Installation set up.

Once the image is running, the SmartSoft software needs to be installed as it is not currently

included with the base image.

The packages should be available in the package manager and can be installed by invoking the following commands in a terminal (robot needs internet access) :


sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install robotino-smartsoft-*


As soon as the installation is finished, it is recommended to configure the software.

Open a browser and enter the IP Address of the robot. The Robotino Webinterface should appear. Select 'settings'.


The /etc/robotino/smartsoft_common.conf allows setting a "/RemoteNS", which can be the address of a "master" system.

This can be the robotino itself, another robot or a monitoring station.




The setting /xterm true|false determines whether or not the robotino will open each software component in a terminal window, which can be used to view status and debug information when connected to the robot via vnc or a direct monitor output.


/etc/robotino/smartsoft_master.conf allows setting a fleet manager and can activate the autostart option, which will start SmartSoft after every robot reboot. There can only be one master system active at one time.




The /etc/robotino/smartsoft_slave.conf contains the address of the Robotino, its name and various options to specify details about the laser scanner. The "/laser" should be set to the connected scanner.




This component also has the /autostart option, welche should generally be active on all robots, as the 'slave' components make up the actual software required on each Robotino.

After changes have been saved, the affected components will be restarted and Robotino Factory should be able to connect to the robot and be ready for use.

As a first step it is recommended to record a map.