Connect to master computer

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Connect to master computer

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The first Step is to connect Robotino® Factory with the master computer. If you run a single robot only, then master computer and you robot are most likely identical. If you run multiple robots in a fleet, then a special robot of the fleet is the master computer or the master computer is a dedicated PC.




Put in the IP address of the master computer in the connection dialogue. By clicking "Connect" or pressing the Enter-key the connection is established.


Once the connection is established all robots connected to the master computer are displayed in the map view.




Please check whether the robot is configured correctly by displaying the list of robots by activating robotinolistbutton.




Expand the information for your robot by clicking the robotino_plus button. If the robot is the master computer, then the shown IP address must be the same as entered in the connection dialogue. If this is not the case then edit the robot's IP address in the robot's web-interface on the Config page, section /etc/robotino/smartsoft_slace.conf, key "RobotinoIP".