Moving the Robot

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Moving the Robot

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The robot can be moved in two ways: manually or autonomously.

Manual control can be selected via "Drive robot" which presents the same interface used by the map creation process.

"Goto pose" will send the robot to any selected pose on the map.





The navigation component has two different modes for robot movement. Whenever the robot is not on a pose which is connected to the path network the navigation will be in "free" mode. This means that it is allowed to navigate throughout the entire map in order to reach its designated goal position.


If the robot starts its navigation on a pose within a valid path network, then it will navigate within the corridor of the path.

In case the robot can not reach the goal position in a path network, it will try to go as far as possible before stopping at an obstacle.


At the end of each movement to a pose the robot will rotate to face the same direction as the arrow of the pose indicates.